Monday, October 02, 2006

Voter ID

The next step in controlling the masses is now under consideration in Washington. Voters will be required to present picture ID in order to vote. It seems to me that once you register by providing proper ID that you have proved your bona fides. One letter to the editor in the Oregonian said that picture ID would prevent illegal immigrants from voting. HOW? If they have good enough ID to register they will have good enough ID to vote. This is however good way for the government to control who votes. If they don't want you to vote, all they have to do is say your ID is suspect.
While I look like a Republican, (old and fat) my leftist ideas (feed the hungry, clothe the naked, protect the vulnerable, etc.) are well known in the community so it would be easy for the powers that be to prevent my voting, since my driver's license photo doesn't look much like me. (thinner with a mustache) For a party that claims to want to reduce government the current regime is acting more and more like big brother.

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