Monday, September 18, 2006

Rural Rantings

This is my first attempt at a Blog. I'm not sure that I have anything of interest to say to the world at large, but I sometimes come up with some pretty interesting (at least to me) ideas while on my Elliptical Strider every morning.
I've called this Rural Rantings because I live in a small rural community that is extremely conservative and I feel like the only liberal in the world. Maybe I can attract some like minded people to converse with.
My most recent thought on the Glider was the similarity between the Berlin Wall and the proposed wall along the US - Mexico border. As I recall the Soviets characterized the wall as an attempt to keep US spies and provocateurs out of their territory. Since their way of life was much better than that of the West there was no need to keep their folks in, just keep the riff-raff out. Sounds like the Mexican Wall to me. "Mr. Bush, Tear down this wall!"

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