Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kneeling is hard on the knees

No rant today, I have been busy removing a hump in the cement floor of the laundry room. The back 15 feet is an add on to the garage. When the remodelers converted the one car garage into a bedroom they added enough to make a laundry/sewing room. When they poured the new floor they were off by about an inch and a half, and where they came together there was a crack and a hump in the floor.
So after about 30 years of living with it, I decided to fix it. With a hammer drill, a masonary say and a miner's hammer I got to work. Fotunately I have some knee pads, but I spent about 6 hours on my knees. Needless to say, the knee pads seemed to stop working after about 3 hours. This morning I could hardly walk, and I still had to put in the cement patch which took a couple of hours. I really understand how those old timers felt kneeling through two or three hours of Sunday worship on hard kneelers with no padding. That may be why we stand for most of the liturgy in our little church. Much easier for the old folks.

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