Sunday, November 26, 2006

TV Offerings

I'm sure I am not alone, but it seems to me that the offerings on TV are getting worse and worse. I realize that I'm older than the demographics they shoot for but you would think that there would be at least one show a night on the 60 + channels on the cable that is worth watching. I can't believe the drivel that they try to pass off as entertainment. The reality shows have created a nation of voyeurs who seem to enjoy watching people plotting against other people so they can win a prize. I have nothing against competition, but at least they could require a little ability in some area. There are four Law & Order shows on the air at at least that many CSI shows. Can't our creative geniuses come up with something else?

Then there are the "NEWS" shows with some celebrity conjecturing about the Jon Benet' Ramsey murder 6 years after the fact. Get a life! Any lurid happening draws reporters like manure draws flies. About the same amount of substance too. I guess we could watch pro sports if you like watching a bunch of overpaid over exposed kids playing games for the benefit of overweight couch potatoes who have to be told what is happening by overpaid ex-jocks. The ex-jocks seem to think they're getting paid by the word, so they never shut up. They also think their opinions are worth something which in itself is laughable. Why don't they shut up and let us watch the game? Thank God I can read which I suspect some of the cretins on the tube are unable to do.

Well I've got that off my chest. Got to hurry, Boston Legal is on.

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Kimberley Kaye said...

Okay uncle "little church guy" I happen to be a fan of Law & Order and CSI as well...although I confess only the original versions!
Boston Legal is good - have you seen "House" - we get some laughs out of that as well. Reading is wonderful and I enjoy Rbt B Parker as well - good old Spencer! If you want to get teary eyed try reading Mitch Albom's books - they are all quite good. Well take care and I hope to see you next time your at mom and dad's! I'll be back to chat again...I need to go back to work now...