Sunday, November 12, 2006

No More Ranting?

I read a letter to the editor in the paper the other day and the writer said that the Democrats wouldn't be able to rant anymore because they were in power. That would be true if they held the Presidency and held a majority on the Supreme Court. The GW Bush presidency will have long lasting effects, many of which we haven't considered yet. We're stuck in Iraq with an increasing insurgency and a rapidly destabilizing Middle East. Iran is ready to step into the vacuum left by the fall of Saddam Hussein and the Israelis are facing a strengthened Hezbollah fighting for control of the Palestinian lands. There will be no easy fix and I hope that the Democrats realize that. Maybe we can get Henry Kissinger to broker a peace deal like he did for Vietnam. No quick solutions.

The Middle East situation is just one of his major screw ups. How many people are still displaced by Katrina? What has been done for them except to pay contractors outrageous amounts to clean up some of the mess. Individuals can't get anyone to help them clean up and rebuild because the contractors are busy working for the government. It seems to me that the best thing we could have done as a nation would be to offer organization and some price controls. Most people don't like to live in cramped travel trailers for over a year. Help them to rebuild!

I think there will be plenty to rant about for the next two years.

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